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Suffering in an emaciated condition, Buddy had a body score of 1 – 2 out of 9 when he was rescued by our Inspectors. For dogs like Buddy, there is not a moment to lose.

Every month animals just like him experience suffering across the ACT. We do all we can to care for animals like Buddy who need your help.

Perhaps on your street, or in your suburb an innocent animal needs our help. These abandoned, abused and neglected creatures rely on the rescue of RSPCA Inspectors in their time of need.

It was late June when we received our first report of concern. Buddy lived in a small house with an absent owner. The complaint we received claimed that Buddy was barely fed or given water.

It was alleged that Buddy was tied in different areas of the house, only let off to be put in an outdoor cage to toilet and then led back inside.

Our Inspector’s job is tough, but knowing that we make a difference makes all the hard work worth it. By supporting RSPCA ACT, you are a part of the team saving animals in our community. Can you help us by donating today?

During our investigation Buddy was seized by our team and was urgently seen by our Veterinarian.

Weighing only 14.85kg his ribs and hips protruded from his small body. Standing above the white dog, you could see each individual vertebrae of his spine sticking out from his head down to his hips. Buddy’s sunken skull left his eyes protruding from his head.

The road to rehabilitating a dog as emaciated as Buddy is not easy. It takes time and a whole team to build trust, to give compassion and to pave the road of recovery.

In some cases of abandonment, animals like Buddy are yet to get the justice they deserve.

Buddy was in our care for over 200 days before he was adopted. Days spent recovering from neglect that no animal should ever have to endure.

We can’t tell you enough how much we rely on the support of the Canberra community to give animals like Buddy their second chance.

Every day we change an animal’s life. We need your support. If you can, please donate before June 30th. Your generous gift could mean the world of difference for animals like Buddy in the ACT.

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