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Media Releases

April 2020 media releases

Million Paws Walk: Walk This May Starts Friday!

The countdown is on and we’re only days away. This Friday marks the start of Million Paws Walk: Walk this May! We hope that dogs around Canberra are fluffing their coats while the humans are putting on their active wear to grab the lead and practice their socially distant walks for a good cause. RSPCA ACT CEO Michelle Robertson looks forward to seeing Canberrans getting behind this virtual event throughout the month of May. “Like so many other pet owners, I have derived much comfort from my pooches over the recent challenging months. Unfortunately, not every animal in the ACT receives the care

Winter is coming... Cool tips to care for your pet in the colder months

The cold weather is upon us and despite many of our pets having fur coats they can still suffer from frostbite, exposure and dehydration in the winter months. To help our pets get through the colder months, we’ve put together some helpful tips! Keep your animals inside as much as possible. While you’ll still have to take your dogs for walks and your cat might not be too impressed, keeping them inside especially during the coldest parts of the day is ideal. Make sure to dry your pet when they come in from outside. You wouldn’t want to sit in a wet coat and neither does your best friend! If your