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Sara Goldsworthy

RSPCA ACT Vice President

Sara is a member of the Commonwealth Government’s Senior Executive Service working in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C), currently in the field of counter-terrorism. 

A graduate of the Australian National University with a Masters in International Relations, Sara has been responsible for the development of significant policies and strategies in the Attorney-General’s Department, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and PM&C. Sara has contributed to the work of other not-for-profit organisations, including the ACT Cancer Council and UNICEF Australia, with a particular emphasis on fundraising and advocacy events.

Sara is an avid animal lover and (some say crazy) cat person. She is a regular supporter of the Mini Kitty Commune, a cat rescue charity in Sydney where she met and adopted her cat, Gerry, now Canberra’s most spoiled cat. On weekends (when not pampering Gerry) Sara can often be found pulling over to help ducks, echidnas or other waylaid creatures cross the road or running half-marathons in support of animal welfare organisations, including the RSPCA.