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RSPCA ACT Achieves 90% Rehoming Rate for Canines and Felines in 2016/17

RSPCA ACT had another outstanding year for animal welfare outcomes, surpassing expectations again. During the financial year, 4063 domestic animals came into care at the Weston shelter. This number is very similar to last year’s statistics.  However, the various species that made up these totals were different including:

  • 68% increase in incoming poultry compared to last year because of Inspector activities, and nearly twice as many poultry (349) adopted as adult dogs (188);
  • 9.5% decrease in incoming kittens and 7.6% reduction in overall felines – first decrease in 5 years after two years of a free desexing campaign for lower-income cat owners;
  • 19.1% increase in incoming adult dogs – mostly strays and surrenders;
  • 974 animals brought in by Inspectors – a 10.1% increase from last year;
  • 105 crab, fish and reptile came into the Shelter;
  • 95% overall rehoming rate for canines and 87.73% for felines including a 90.8% rehoming rate for kittens;
  • Incoming wildlife numbers continue to drop as we work closer with ACT Wildlife for ongoing care.  We still had 599 native animals needing our assistance.

RSPCA ACT CEO Tammy Ven Dange was pleased with the results, “A number of these key statistics stand out for me this year: 1) While it’s still early to know for sure, our free cat desexing campaign for lower income owners may be working.  After four years of growth rates, that was a huge milestone for us to see a decrease this year; and 2) For canines and felines, we hit a 90% average rehoming rate this year.  This would have been above 90% for all species had it not been for the unassisted deaths of a large number of fish and young mice. This is a real testament for how hard our team has worked to keep animals healthy and to rehome them faster than ever.”

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