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Pets of the Week


Ponto is looking for a Fur'ever friend
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Ponto is a simple dog looking for love. This handsome guy has been at the Shelter since November and is waiting patiently for his time to shine. Ponto is a handsome dog, look at his smiley face and you are sure to be charmed. This active dog loves nothing more than a game of fetch with a tennis ball, and would be happy to shred any squeaky toy that lands in his paws. Ponto spends his time on daily walks with our volunteer and absolutely enjoys a good scratch. Especially on the rear! Ponto is a big, strong young dog who still has plenty of growing to do. His new family will need to be suitably equipped to ensure he receives enough exercise to keep his body and mind healthy. Ponto is a friendly dog, who could be open to meeting an older female dog to live with. His ideal home is one with lots of love, treats, toys and places to snuggle for the rest of his days. The adoption fee for Ponto is $395.00 which helps to cover the cost of his mandatory de-sexing, vaccinations, microchip and a lot of care from the RSPCA crew. Who says you can't buy love?!


Nugget is looking for her fur-ever home
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Meet Nugget! This vivacious young lady was brought to the Shelter a little worse for wear, not very well and with an eye injury resulting in the removal of it. Nugget has since had her surgery and is well and truly ready to bounce on over to her new forever home. Inquisitive, friendly and a bit of a busy body, Nugget's new handicap has not affected her lease on life one bit. She is still very much a bunny full of energy that love people and just wants to explore her tiny world with everything she’s got. Due to her one-eyed-ness, Nugget needs a safe and secure new home with plenty of love to give. An indoor, or super sheltered outdoor space will be so exciting for this little bun. A one eyed bunny can only be so brave you know! Nugget will need to be the only bunny in her new home. She could potentially live with sensible young children as long as there is plenty of supervision when spending time together.