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Cab's Story

Hi, I am known as Cab (Cute and Bashful), and this is the story of where I came from.

When I was young, I lived in a house with my two brothers, a sister and so many other dogs I couldn't count. The house we were living on was not great for a puppy like me to grow up in. It was very dirty, loud and very stressful. I remember seeing RSPCA ACT Inspectors - I was one of 14 dogs they saved that day.

When we arrived at the shelter, I was the smallest, under 400 grams. Due to our age, we had to be put in foster so we could get specialised care that we needed. The first night in foster was hard. We needed to be fed regularly as we were underweight. We hadn't had too much human interaction so it was all very new to my siblings and I.

Over the next few weeks RSPCA ACT and our foster carer took good care of us. We were taught new tricks, give a proper diet, socialisation with other animals, a comfortable place to sleep and play.

One day I did not feel so good. My stomach was extremely bloated and my foster carer was very worried. I was taken into the vets at RSPCA ACT. They performed a very thorough check on me and gave me some medication. After a few days I was much better and playing with my siblings again.

When my siblings and I were 9 weeks old we were ready to find our forever homes. My brothers Joc and Tatum found their forever homes quickly. My sister North found her home the next day. Then it was just me. I spent the night with my foster carer and I got plenty of cuddles. This made me feel better. The next day I remember meeting a family with a young boy. I remember running up to them and giving them a good sniff. I knew they were the one!

If it wasn't for individuals who donate to support the work of RSPCA ACT my life would be very different. Right now there are animals just like me who need your help. No matter how much you are able to give, please know that it will go directly to helps animals just like me.

Please donate today.

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