Opening Hours

Animal Viewing Hours:
(by appointment only)

Monday - Friday: 10am - 4pm
Saturday: 9am - 4pm

General Hours: 
Most Days: 9am - 5pm
Wednesdays:  10am - 5pm
CLOSED: Sundays and Public Holidays

Our Supporters

Support the people who support RSPCA ACT! As a not for profit organisation which receives very little government funding, RSPCA ACT relies on those generous businesses and individuals who provide us with financial support, services free of charge, and donated goods. RSPCA ACT recommends that you support the people who support us. If you would like to become a sponsor please contact us.


Shelter Partners

RSPCA ACT has a handful of sponsors that we call “Shelter Partners.” These are businesses that help us throughout the year (not just for a single event) and provide value to the organisation either through cash and/or in-kind donations in many forms that exceed $20,000 + GST per annum (with many going well above that mark).




King&wood Mallesons


Canberra Weekly


Leader Security


Elite Event Technology


Region - Local Everywhere



Shelter Sponsor

A Shelter Sponsor is a business that helps RSPCA ACT throughout the year often by providing a heavily discounted service that the Shelter would normally pay full price for and/or a cash donation(s) to the Shelter.

Veracity IT


Message Media


Face 2 Face


Bendigo Bank


Oh Crap Dog Poop Bags


Shelter Supporters


Capital Veterinary Hospital


RSPCA ACT is proudly supported by the Veterinary team at Capital Vet Hospital, through assisting our Veterinary Clinic with a number of desexing procedures for Shelter animals in our care. CVH staffs a number of certified nurses and are open 24 hours, 7 days a week (including Public Holidays).
Consultation price - $69.50 (7:00am till 10pm)
Emergency After Hours Consultation price - $156.00 (10pm till 7:00am)
*Please note that prices are subject to change.