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Hundreds of animals arrive at RSPCA ACT every month in need of rescue, recovery, rehabilitation and rehoming.

Their stories stay with our team long after each animal is adopted.

Today we’re asking if you’ll make a special commitment to support animals like Lenny for as long as they need you – from rescue, through their recovery and rehabilitation, until they’re ready to start life in a new, loving forever home.

Lenny had been found in a backyard and was in critical need of medical assistance.

He was suffering from multiple traumatic wounds along his legs that required surgery to ensure his survival. Lenny’s wounds had several layers of muscle damage, with one injury showing right down to the bone.

Had Lenny not been rescued he would have continued to deteriorate, facing further injury and infections of his wounds.

Every two days Lenny’s bandages required changing and Lenny would sit at the front of his cage and meow brightly to everyone who walked past.

When you join RSPCA Rescue Team, you’ll help all facets of our work from rescuing and caring for an animal, to providing medical care and finally finding forever homes.

Lenny’s happy ever after was made possible through your support. After time in foster care and final medical checks by our veterinary team, Lenny soon found his forever home.

When you join RSPCA Rescue Team, we’ll receive your donations automatically each month – without you having to do anything more. You’ll be in control and can pause or cancel if you ever need to.

It’s only with your ongoing help that we can continue to fulfil our mission of preventing cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection.

In cases like Lenny you walk with us. Side by side you take on the role of rescuer, carer and protector.

No matter how long it takes, you’ll be there every step of the way.

Lenny was found alone in his moment of need. Your support is helping rescue and care for animals like Lenny when they need us most.

Please help by making a one-off donation today or by joining RSPCA Rescue Team.