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Dr Bernie Towler

RSPCA ACT Board Member

I am a medical practitioner for over 30 years working in Public Health and Emergency Medicine. My speciality areas working in public health for government are cancer screening, tobacco control, chronic diseases, alcohol and other drug programs. And I am fortunate to care for people in the Emergency Department of The Canberra Hospital on a weekly basis.

My two jobs provide me with lots of interaction with Canberrans, high level experience with government processes including leading and negotiating outcomes for government and engagement with diverse stakeholder groups such as professional medical colleges and NGOs.

I want to contribute to my community and have done this previously in various ways including foster/respite care, volunteer work with Meals on Wheels, working voluntarily as a medical practitioner in the developing world. I am passionate about animal welfare, care for dogs, chickens and fish as part of our family and am a life member of the RSPCA and longterm donor. I welcome the opportunity of using my skills on the ACT Board to further animal wellbeing in the ACT.