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Pawtraits Online Auction

This is an online pawction fundraiser and all the proceeds will be donated to RSPCA ACT. These beautiful paintings were created and donated to RSPCA ACT by the U3A's Make-a-Mark 4 Group. Make-a-Mark 4 group currently has 6 participants that meet once a week to paint and discuss the issues of the day. All of the paintings created by the artists were of animals who were in care at RSPCA ACT.

How to bid:

  1. Visit our dedicated Instagram page @rspcaact_pawtraits
  2. Bid on your favourite painting by leaving a comment with your bid amount (There is no limit on how many times you can bid!)

Bidding closes at 11:59pm on Tuesday the 30th of November.

Successful bidders will be notified and contacted for payment and collection arrangements.


These wonderful animals in the portraits all found their way into our care and have their own stories. 

Sassy the dog

Sassy arrived at the shelter after a concern for her welfare was made. The gorgeous and smiley girl was only about 2 years old, and had appeared to be confined in a small cage, causing her tail to suffer wounds from wagging and knocking the small cage walls.

Sassy spent 4 months in our care while her Inspectorate case was resolved before becoming available for adoption. This included vet checks, medicine, daily walking and exercising, feeding and lots of love and attention from our staff and volunteers.

Sweet Sassy spent 487 days in our care before being adopted into a wonderful forever home.



Enyo the Cockatoo

Enyo arrived at the shelter terrified and distrusting of humans. Over time, our team earned his trust enough for us to examine him. We found that he was missing nearly all of his tail feathers and had suffered considerable bruising all over his body.

In the following weeks, Enyo's physical and mental wellbeing improved greatly, allowing him to evolve into a chatty and friendly bird. He enjoyed head scratched and full body pats so much that he quickly learnt that lifting his wing would result in a quick rub.

Enyo has since been adopted into a loving new home.