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Supporting Project: SAFE

Our pets are a part of our family. They rely on us to protect them, as much as we rely on them for comfort and support.

Have you ever wondered who will look after your pets in times of crises?

We cannot plan life’s emergencies. Owners’ pets who are facing issues such as domestic violence, housing crises or medical complications need help. Without which they could be abandoned or neglected.

Our emergency boarding program, Project: SAFE, is here to look out for those pets who are in desperate need of care while their owners get back on their feet.

Our goal is to reunite owners with their animals once the whole family can be safe together again.

In 2020/2021 we saw an 81.8% increase in animals using the program. That’s 155 animals’ families who turned to us for help.


Maggie the dog


Animals just like Maggie and Dolly. After they were evicted from their home at short notice, Maggie and Dolly needed emergency boarding while their owners tried to find a new home.

The sweet pair had come from a much-loved home and quickly became favourites of the team. The shortage of affordable housing in the ACT meant their owners leapt at the offer of a new house. The only problem was that the property was not suitable for Maggie. The family had to make the heart-breaking decision to take Dolly with them but surrender Maggie.

They weren’t to blame, they wanted what was best for Maggie and without Project: SAFE they would not have been able to reunite with Dolly. It fell to us to find Maggie a new forever home. With her previous families help we were able to find Maggie the perfect match and she now has a loving forever home.


Molly the cat


Molly’s owner called on us to help when they had to flee domestic violence.

They were scared to stay in their situation, but also terrified of leaving behind their much-loved cat.

Thankfully, Molly was able to be brought to us where she could be thoroughly checked by our veterinarians. Afterwards Molly was placed in our feline emergency boarding area. Here we could provide Molly with love and care during this difficult time of separation from her family.

As part of Project: SAFE this area could not function without the generous donations of supporters like you.

After 2 weeks in our care Molly’s owner was able to relocate interstate and the pair were happily reunited. They now live safely together.


Jack the dog


Jack had an elderly owner who had no family or friends to care for him. When we received the call to help from a case worker, we were able to place Jack in emergency boarding.

Jack was elderly himself, unsure of the shelter environment he slowly adjusted while we provided him plenty of love and care. Despite being comfortable it was obvious Jack was desperate to reunite with his owner.

After many weeks of hospital care, the distressing news was received that Jack’s owner had become homeless and was trying to find alternative accommodation.

We worked with Jack’s owner’s case worker in the hope that the two could be reunited. Thankfully, we soon received the good news that he had found a home, and Jack and his owner could be together again.

We need your support to continue offering this service. By making a donation you’ll be helping Project: SAFE keep animals protected by helping us provide love and care to them.