Opening Hours

Animal Viewing Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 10am - 3pm

General Hours: 
Most Days: 9am - 5pm
Wednesdays:  10am - 5pm
CLOSED: Sundays and Public Holidays

Our Shelter will be closed to the public the first Wednesday of each month.

How We Govern Ourselves

RSPCA Australia is a federated organisation made up of the eight state and territory RSPCA Societies. RSPCA Australia establishes national policies and positions on animal welfare issues, and works with government and industry to ensure these issues are addressed. The RSPCA Australia Member Societies, which are separate legal and financial entities operating independently, are:

  • RSPCA Darwin Regional Branch
  • RSPCA New South Wales
  • RSPCA Queensland
  • RSPCA South Australia
  • RSPCA Tasmania
  • RSPCA Victoria
  • RSPCA Western Australia

Member Society Boards

Each of the RSPCA Member Societies is governed by a Board of elected members who preside over the organisation. Each Board meets regularly to review progress, determine strategic ways forward, develop local and state-level policy and prepare input into national RSPCA policy and procedure. The Board is led by the President.

RSPCA Australia Board

Each Member Society Board nominates one of its Directors to also sit on the Board of RSPCA Australia. In addition to these eight nominated Directors, a recruited Chair and up to two recruited Directors are appointed.

The Board of RSPCA Australia meets several times a year to oversee the organisation and plan the future direction for the RSPCA. All draft new and amended animal welfare policies are referred by the Board of RSPCA Australia to a meeting of Members, where they require a unanimous vote in order to be adopted.