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Home Ever After

Our beloved pets are much more than our companion animals, they’re our family. So what would happen to them when we’re gone or no longer able to care for them?

For many of us, our pets are cherished companions we share our lives with. However, very few of us have a plan in place should we find ourselves unable to look after them. Home Ever After is RSPCA ACT’s Pet Legacy Program, existing to give you peace of mind in knowing your animal companions will be cared for should you pass away or are no longer be able to care for them.

With Home Ever After, your pets will be loved and cared for by RSPCA ACT as soon as they arrive into our care. We will then use our years of experience in animal adoption to find them a wonderful and loving new home.

You can register your pets in Home Ever After in three easy steps.

Step 1
Request an information pack. Simply fill in the form below. We will send you more information about how to register your pets in the program and update your Will with the correct instructions.

Step 2
When you register your pets you will provide us with information about them, their habits and their health. This will ensure we have all information needed to care for them and find them a new loving family should they come into our care.

Step 3
We will send you confirmation that your pets are registered in the Home Ever After program. Allowing peace of mind, that should you no longer be able to care for your pets, they will find a loving new home.

For further information, please click here or contact our Home Ever After Officer on 02 6287 8109 or email

Answers to some of the questions you may have

How does the Home Ever After Program work?

In the unfortunate situation that your pet comes into our care the following process will occur. The animal will be seen immediately by a trained vet on staff who will perform a check and if required, your animal will receive any treatment needed. If the animal passes a veterinary check, they are then seen by our Senior Behavioural Trainer who behaviourally test their temperament. We will endeavour to find them a home like the one you have lovingly provided them. Your pet will be placed in a suitable foster home if available, alternatively they will stay in our kennels being lovingly cared for by our kennel staff and volunteers.

What do I have to do next?

To enrol in the Program please get in touch with our Home Ever After Officer. They will send you a pet profile and registration form for you to complete. Once your forms have been received, they will be reviewed to assess your pet’s suitability to join the program. If you wish, please call 02 6287 8100 to discuss your pet’s suitability.

What type of animals can be accepted into the Pet Legacy Program?

Dogs, cats and small pets are the main animals that are accepted into the Pet Legacy Program. Please call 02 6287 8100 to discuss further if you own a different type of animal to ensure we have the capability to care for them at our shelter.

Can I cancel my pet’s registration in Home Ever After?

Yes, absolutely. You can cancel your pet’s registration in our pet legacy service at any time. The choice is entirely yours.

Do I have to pay for Home Ever After?

No, it’s free. All we ask is that pet owners registering their pets for Home Ever After consider including a gift in their Will to support the care of animals by RSPCA ACT.

What will happen to the money I’ve included in my Will already?

If you have already included a gift to RSPCA in your Will in relation to the Bequest Animal Program, then thank you! Wonderful people like you are the very heart and soul of the RSPCA. We could never rescue, care for and rehome as many animals as we do without the extraordinary kindness and compassion of animal lovers who leave gifts to us in their Wills.

Will Home Ever After help RSPCA find my pet’s new family?

Yes. Home Ever After gives you a unique opportunity to provide us with lots of useful information about your pet that will help us to match them with a wonderful adoptive family. This will also help your pet’s new family to understand them and to look after them the way you do today.

How can you be sure of making a good match?

We’ve been adopting thousands of animals for many, many years, so we’re very experienced at spotting responsible pet owners. We also have dedicated teams of adoption experts and animal behaviourists who are skilled at making wonderful matches.

Do you rehome older pets?

Yes. We rehome senior animals every day. In fact, many adopters prefer older pets who have been loved and cared for over the years by owners like you.

Who will pay for my pet’s vet expenses?

RSPCA will provide all the vet care needed when your pet is first admitted to the Home Ever After program. The family who adopts your pet will then take on the responsibility for all future veterinary expenses.

Will you do any follow-up checks?

Yes, as part of our adoption service, your pet’s new owners will receive follow-up contact from us to ensure your pet is settling into their new home and family. The Home Ever After Officer will then check-in further down the track to make sure that all is well.

Why do I need to include wording in my Will?

No one knows your pets like you do. If you want them to be cared for and rehomed by the RSPCA’s pet legacy service, leaving clear instructions in your Will is the best way to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Will you rehome my pets together?

If you have multiple pets, we will try our best to rehome them together if requested. If it is in the best interest for the pets, we will do everything we can to find them a home together.

How long will you care for my pet before rehoming?

We start caring for your pet immediately, and we begin making rehoming plans for them as soon as they seem ready. We understand that animals do better when they are rehomed quickly, but we don’t rush it. You can rest assured that your pet’s physical and emotional wellbeing is our prime concern, and will remain so for as long as they need us.

If you have any other questions, please contact our Home Ever After Officer on 02 6287 8100 or email: Thank you!