Opening Hours

Animal Viewing Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 10am - 3pm

General Hours: 
Most Days: 9am - 5pm
Wednesdays:  10am - 5pm
CLOSED: Sundays and Public Holidays

Our Shelter will be closed to the public the first Wednesday of each month.

Lost and Found

Please click here to search animals that have been reported to RSPCA ACT as lost or found.


If you would like to send through a lost animal report please Email Us, and be sure to include us much information as possible.

Animals that have arrived at our shelter as lost or stray animals appear here. The Lost and Found pages also include lost and found reports from members of the public. When searching for your lost pet, please ensure that you call RSPCA ACT on 02 6287 8100 as well as searching the website.

RSPCA's lost and found service is provided free of charge to the ACT community. Please help us keep this service free by clicking here to donate.

Lost adult dogs can also go to Domestic Animal Services (DAS) at Symonston. You should also contact DAS on 13 22 81 if your adult dog is lost. You can also view impounded dogs on the DAS website here

Canberra Lost Pet database also post lost and found animals to their Facebook page, you can find them here

Remember, the more details you can provide about a lost or found animal, the greater the chance we can reunite a family with their missing pet.

If you are looking for a lost animal, or would like to report a found animal, please:

  • Contact our animal care centre on 02 6287 8100 or email us
  • Visit our animal care centre to look for your pet.
  • Contact DAS on 13 22 81
  • If possible, please keep found animals with you, in your yard or a cat carrier for example, until you are able to contact RSPCA or Domestic Animal Services. We may be able to coordinate the return of the pet to its owner without you having to bring it to one of our facilities. If you are unable to look after a lost pet until it can be reunited with its owner, Domestic Animal Services have limited after-hours drop off facilities available.

Some tips on looking for a lost pet:

  • Do a thorough search of your property and surrounding neighbourhood.
  • Check with your neighbours and people that you see walking in your area. Sometimes animals can accidently be locked inside a neighbouring house, garage or garden shed.
  • Create a 'Lost' poster to display on community noticeboards in your area.
  • Distribute 'Lost' flyers to letter boxes in your neighbourhood.
  • Ring veterinary clinics, starting with your local area and work outwards.
  • When lodging a lost report, provide as much information about your pet as possible, such as: the area that your pet went missing, the breed and colour of your pet, its age, any distinguishing features, whether it was wearing a collar and/or I.D. and contact numbers and names should the animal be found.
  • Advertise your pet as lost in newspapers and online. Don't forget to check 'found' reports.
  • Please remove all posters from public property and inform all others that were aware of the search after the animal has been found, or after a reasonable amount of time has passed.