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We are very fortunate that many people think of RSPCA ACT at this time of year.  While monetary donations are always the most useful gift you can give to us, we know that sometimes our supporters would rather give us something more tangible.  So, we asked our staff to put together a holiday wish list that would make it nicer and easier for the staff and animals here at the shelter. 

This is what they asked for: (By the way, many of these items can be second hand.) If you can donate any of the items below let us know via email -


Petrol Pressure Cleaner Thank you Dezignteam!

Storage Shed

Concrete To Pave Area In Front Of Maintenance Shed

Plush Toy Dogs And Cats

X-Ray Storage Annual Fee

Bunnings Gift Cards for memorial garden and paint for Tango's

Epoxy Flooring For Drop-Offs

Cattery Adoption Cages

Create Double Kennels X 5

Visual Barrier Between Kennel Rows

Upgrade Kennel Room In Vet Clinic

A life-size/realistic plush dog - for D2D behaviour testing x 2

Urine sample collection device for dogs & cats

Concrete or paving path/stairs to avairy/long yard

New laundry bench & cupboards in cattery

New kitchen bench and cupboards in cattery

Epoxy flooring for vet clinic kennels

Epoxy flooring for cattery isolation

epoxy flooring for outside areas in cattery

Instrument trolley

Surro-kitty (original) Thank you Pearl!

Surro-kitty (mini) Thank you Pearl!

Trolley to hold Environmental Enrichment equipment

Altronics PA and Speaker System

Catnip Spray

Pet Friendly Astroturf for Puppy Yard

Retail slat wall fittings (Hooks, brackets, shelves)

IKEA Gift vouchers for PAC and Tangos

Memorial Sculpture for garden

Keter Grande Store - Outdoor Storage

Ultrasonic instrument cleaner


Veterinary syringe pump

Xray aprons x2

Warming air blankets

Stainless steel cages for the dog recovery room in vet clinic

Cat condos

Double ended leads x6

Long Leads x2

One Fast Cat Wheel

Kids swings and play equipment