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RSPCA ACT Disappointed in Canberra Liberals stance on Greyhound Racing Ban

Opposition Leader Jeremy Hanson has stated that the Canberra Liberals would not ban Greyhound Racing in the ACT without an independent inquiry. This announcement comes despite evidence presented by RSPCA ACT to the government showing that over 90% of trainers are NSW based with links to the live baiting scandal amongst other animal welfare concerns.

RSPCA ACT CEO Tammy Ven Dange expressed her frustration, "It's really disappointing to see the Canberra Liberals take such a stance for greyhound racing. Such a review will only delay the inevitable as I'm confident it will support the evidence we have already presented to Government. I had conversations about this topic with former Shadow Minister for Racing & Gaming, Brendan Smyth to help them understand what evidence we did have to support such a ban. They know this information is available, and I cannot understand why they would think this move would politically benefit them particularly when our presented researched believed that only 12 of the trainers competing locally in 2015 were residents of the ACT."

According to the Canberra Times poll that closed the day after the ban was announced, the Canberra community showed an overwhelming support for the ban with 80% in favour.

Furthermore, in November 2015, a regular national survey was conducted by McCrindle on behalf of RSPCA Australia across a number of animal welfare topics. The survey found that the ACT residents surveyed had the 2nd highest ranking regarding the concern for the treatment of greyhounds in the greyhound racing industry. 80% were concerned or very concerned with only Queensland ranking higher.

Ms Ven Dange further stated, “I can understand that the Canberra Liberals may feel that arguing for a more localised study will validate the decision to ban greyhound racing.  However, when the ACT Government is giving them $1million a year and approximately 93% of their trainers live in NSW, such a study seems like a complete waste of money for ACT taxpayers even if you completely take animal welfare concerns out of this decision.”

Help us convince the Canberra Liberals that they are delaying the inevitable. We ask RSPCA supporters and people who believe in animal welfare to write to Jeremy Hanson to express their disappointment in such a decision.

Jeremy Hanson MLA:

196 London Circuit
Canberra, ACT, 2601.