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Breakthrough for Animal Welfare: NSW Bans Greyhound Racing

In response to widespread criticism and illegal activities, NSW Premier Mike Baird has announced a state-wide ban on the Greyhound Racing Industry. All eyes are now on the ACT Government for how they will respond.

The Special Commission of Inquiry into Greyhound Racing opened Pandora's box on the disturbing realities of the industry and the complete disregard for the lives of animals.

The report revealed the mass slaughter of greyhounds, the use of "live baiting", and the "systemic deception of the public concerning the numbers of deaths and injuries of dogs."

RSPCA ACT has been urging the local ACT Government to ban the sport indefinitely and cut off its $1 million annual funding. RSPCA ACT is hoping the NSW ban on the industry may just be the nudge that the ACT Government needs to make the decision.

RSPCA ACT CEO Tammy Ven Dange is overjoyed with the outcome, "It's an amazing day for Greyhounds everywhere following the bold move of the NSW Government. We see no reason why the ACT Government can continue to allow Greyhound Racing to exist in the ACT given this important decision by NSW."

Congratulations NSW and Mike Baird for making animal lives a priority.

Come on ACT Government – all eyes are on you!