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200+ Animals Taken from Ainslie Residence

In the early afternoon of Thursday 9th February, RSPCA ACT Inspectors responded to a complaint regarding a large number of animals at a property in Ainslie.

Upon arrival, the Inspectors found hundreds of poultry, rabbits, guinea pigs and a cat at the suburban residence. Despite the high temperatures, many of the cages lacked basic food, water and shelter.

The majority of the animals were lethargic and overheating with signs of cannibalism amongst the chickens. Many of the animals were in cramped conditions sharing small cages.

RSPCA ACT staff members worked late into the evening to provide veterinarian checks and assistance for the over 200 animals with six chickens having to be euthanased due to cannibalism. 

RSPCA ACT Chief Executive Officer Tammy Ven Dange provided this remark:

“It was a very, very long day for the team to have so many animals arrive at once.  It’s clear that these owners needed our help as they could no longer properly care for so many, and because the owners chose to surrender the animals, we have already started the rehoming process.”

Photographs can be found in Dropbox: