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UPDATE: Additional CCTV Camera Helps RSPCA ACT Inspectors

Yesterday, RSPCA ACT Inspectors called on the public for information regarding an injured dog that was abandoned in Fyshwick on the morning of Monday 29th January 2018.


Additional CCTV footage and witnesses have provided further information on the female Border Collie found in the cubby house.


RSPCA ACT Inspectors are still asking for anyone who was in the vicinity of Canberra Outlet Centre in Fyshwick on Iron Knob St, between 12am - 9 am Monday 29th January, to come forward to assist with the investigation.  Inspectors have good reason to believe that there may have been witnesses in the area that may be able to provide additional information about the ongoing case.


We also ask any other nearby businesses to please contact our Inspectors if they have not already provided information.


We would like to thank everyone for their assistance and hope that together we can put the puzzle pieces together to help this dog.



The female, black and white Border Collie* approximately aged 1 ½ - 2 years was found locked in a cubby house at the Stirato Bakery Café at 9am. The bakery and other nearby businesses have been fully cooperating with the investigation, and not considered to have prior knowledge of the dog or her owners at this time.


The Border Collie was taken to a veterinary clinic by a concerned member of the public and presented underweight and with suspicious injuries. The Border Collie was then transferred to RSPCA ACT due to the nature of those injuries.


If you have any information that may help, please contact RSPCA ACT Inspectors on (02) 6287 8100 or via our online portal at