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Dog Lovers Unite! RSPCA ACT to Attempt 3rd Guinness World Record at Million Paws Walk 2018!

This year we’re attempting to break another Guinness World Record by having the largest gathering of people dressed as dogs! That’s right! This time it’s not just all about the dogs; it's also about those that love dogs and of course, the willingness to dress up like one!


The current record is set at 439 people and is held by an organisation in the United Kingdom. With Canberra’s help, we’re confident we can beat the Brits!


Interested participants just need to register before the 30th April to join in on the record.

On the day you will need to wear:

  • All participants must be dressed in a full dog costume, head to toe, including headpiece with ears.
  • Costumes must be clearly recognisable as dogs at the discretion of the independent witnesses and Guinness World Records.

The record attempt will begin at 10 am with the final count occurring at 10:30 am. 


RSPCA Chief Executive Tammy Ven Dange was excited about RSPCA ACT's third attempt for a world record, "We earned the first world record by having the most number of dogs dressed up with bandannas.  The second one came unexpectedly when our team rescued a woolly sheep named Chris in need of a serious haircut. 


This time we wanted to celebrate the animal lovers out there by getting the humans involved.  After all, how can a person show more love than through their willingness to dress up like their favourite pooch?  The dogs will be thrilled!"


If dressing up isn’t your thing don’t worry, It’s not mandatory! Costumes are only required if you want to take part in the record attempt. Otherwise feel free to come along in whatever makes you comfortable!


WHAT: Guinness World Record Attempt – Largest Gathering of People Dressed Like Dogs!

WHERE: RSPCA’s Million Paws Walk 2018 – Patrick White Lawns (Near National Library of Australia)

WHEN: Sunday 20th May – 10 am