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24 hour dollar matching can help vulnerable animals find a home

On the eve of World Animal Day, the RSPCA has created a special opportunity for members of the public to watch their donations grow as they assist to make the world a better place for all animals.

Donations made to RSPCA ACT could be quadrupled this Thursday, 3 October via dollar matching made possible by generous corporate partners and major donors.

RSPCA shelters across Australia care for more than 123,000 vulnerable neglected, unwanted, abandoned or abused animals every year and is placing a spotlight on the need to find furever homes.

RSPCA ACT CEO Michelle Robertson said that “every dollar donated helps vulnerable animals get the care they deserve, a safe-haven to ease suffering and a second chance at life and happiness.”

She especially thanked the major donors and corporate sponsors; National Zoo & Aquarium Canberra, Slaven Mazda, Masonicare, Shayne and Trudi Lynch and others, who made it possible for the ACT to participate in this national RSPCA initiative called ‘Give to Get Them Home’.

“During our last financial year RSPCA ACT investigated 1,053 reports of animal cruelty, with 3,039 animals coming through the ACT Shelter. The sheer volume of animals needing our help can feel overwhelming and we are truly grateful to our donor community who help ease the burden.”

First launched in Victoria last year, the campaign around Give to Get Them Home drew unprecedented public support, raising $618,000 dollars in only 24 hours.

Members of the public can support in different ways which include:

  • contributing on the day via or via telephone (6287 8100)
  • leading by example by simply loving their pets and being a responsible pet owner
  • considering volunteering at the RSPCA or another reputable animal shelter or rescue group
  • spreading the word about the importance of recognising animals as sentient beings and supporting our RSPCA mission to prevent cruelty to animals.
  • For more information about supporting the RSPCA ACT visit