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Holiday Hazards Part 3: Merry misadventures

Its holiday time (nearly!). The festive season is traditionally full of gatherings at home and trips away. For many of us, our pets will be included in the happenings and holidays. But there are some risks involved. This is the third and final article in a series looking at common holiday hazards for pets. It identifies some potential pitfalls in amongst all the merriment, and features some top tips to keep your furry friends safe and well this festive season. Hazard #1: Escaping and lost pets The problem: With visitors coming and going from gatherings at home, and families travelling for the

Holiday Hazards Part 2- Not so tasty treats

The festive season is full of family gatherings and social celebrations. A common theme to many of these festivities … lots of food! While a little overindulgence may hurt our waistlines (and trigger some New Year’s resolutions), overindulgence for our pets can be much more dangerous. This is the second in a series of three articles looking at common holiday hazards for pets. Today the focus is on dangerous delicacies, and some top tips to keep your furry friends safe and well. Hazard #1: Fatty foods- like ham and bacon The problem: Pancreatitis. A sudden high fat meal is one of the classic

RSPCA Christmas Trees Sale-SOLD OUT

26th Nov - 20th Dec 2022

ALL CHRISTMAS TREES SOLD OUT! The scent of pine is in the air and that can only mean one thing… REAL CHRISTMAS TREES! RSPCA ACT is selling REAL Christmas trees at our RSPCA ACT shelter. A live Christmas Tree can create a sense of joy for you and your family this holiday period. Visit RSPCA ACT from...

RSPCA ACT ‘Christmas Open Day’ & Summer Tips

Join us for RSPCA ACT’s Christmas Open Day this Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm at our Weston Shelter and boy, is it going to be hot! The weather will be in the 30’s for the next few days so please make sure your pet is prepared for the heat! Christmas Open Day We’re opening our doors and hoping the community will enjoy a day with their dogs! · Adoption Price Lucky Dip: When adopting an adult animal, you can make a gold coin donation to participate in a lucky dip to get a percentage off your adoption price or selected toy from our retail store! Discounts range from 5% - 50% for some lucky
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