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This autumn we expect 11 lost, unwanted, abused or neglected animals to come into our care each day. This is no easy task, but with your help we can ensure that all animals that come to us during this difficult time receive the best care possible. It’s thanks to your generosity and support that we can give second chances to animals just like Lucy.

Donate now to help rescue innocent animals like Lucy.

Lucy was brought into our Shelter by our Inspector as they had grave concerns for her wellbeing. Just a month before, she had visited our Shelter with a broken left leg. Despite recovering well from her initial surgery, she was back again – this time with both back legs broken in different places.

When Lucy arrived at the Weston Shelter she was in significant pain and was trying to avoid putting weight on her back legs, especially her right one. The next day our team got to work. X-rays showed that her right thigh bone was broken, and her left hind leg had a fracture of the ball joint – the same injury as what was previously repaired on her other leg just the month before!

Sadly, stories like this are all too common.

Our vets decided to surgically repair the right leg first as trying to fix both at the same time could hinder her rehabilitation.
Despite showing her physical discomfort, Lucy’s face and tail lit up whenever she saw a staff member or volunteer.

During her recovery, Lucy began spending her days in our Administration Office. But at the end of the day, she’d be picked up by the vet nurses to go back to the Vet Clinic. Lucy hated this as she didn’t want to be alone.

When you make the gift of a donation you're not just saving one animal; you're saving the many that come through our doors.

It wasn't long until the perfect foster home for Lucy was found for her to stay while she recovered from surgery. Unfortunately, while in foster care, Lucy started limping again and had stopped eating.

Despite recovering well from her previous surgeries, the soft tissue holding her other hip in place was no longer doing so. Her third surgery was scheduled.

After just a week of recovering from surgery and plenty of TLC, Lucy was finally available for adoption! A few days later she was adopted by a wonderful family despite her potential future medical and emotional needs.

RSPCA ACT would not be able to operate if it wasn’t for people like you. Your generosity and kind hearts make stories like Lucy's possible.

We must raise over $55,000 to continue our work and be a place for animals to turn to.

Whatever you can afford will be the much-needed help we need to ensure our doors remain open.

Donate now and help us give second chances to innocent victims of cruelty and neglect, just like Lucy this autumn.