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Kambah owner of three starving dogs sentenced with an 18 months animal ownership ban

A local Kambah resident named Ashley Jansen has been found guilty and was sentenced for three offences under the Animal Welfare Act 1992 for failing to provide appropriate and adequate food for three dogs in her care.

During March of 2015, RSPCA ACT Inspectors received a number of complaints in relation to three dogs that were skinny and currently living at a Kambah residence. On 24 March 2015, Inspectors attended the residence where they found the three dogs, a small mixed breed named Crumble, a Jack Russell Terrier named Sue and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Pipper living in a small backyard with overgrown grass, a kennel and a garden shed.

All three dogs were extremely malnourished with their ribs, spine and hips clearly visible to Inspectors. A decision was made to seize and the dogs were removed from the premises. They were transported to RSPCA ACT Veterinary clinic to receive urgent care.

A veterinary examination of each animal was performed. Crumble was found to be extremely underweight with closed scabs on her ears and a dry rough coat. Sue was extremely emaciated with distinctly visible ribs. Pipper was also in an emaciated state as each rib was visible while her coat was thin over her thigh and tail base consistent with an infection or irritation.  Two of these dogs were given a body score of 1 out of 9 by the veterinarian which is the lowest score an animal can be rated.

On March 26 2015 Inspectors spoke with Ms Jansen who admitted to being the owner of the three animals since they were puppies. Ms Jansen stated that she noticed the dogs were skinny when she had returned from a week-long trip during February. A decision was made by Ms Jansen to surrender Crumble and Sue to RSPCA ACT. Pipper was not surrendered and has since remained in care for over a year at RSPCA ACT.

Ms Jansen was found guilty and was sentenced to a 12 month good behaviour order and an 18 month animal ban.

RSPCA ACT Senior Inspector Catherine Croatto was disappointed in the sentence for this particular case, “The eighteen month animal ownership ban is one of the lightest sentences that we have seen for cases such as these. It’s really disappointing to know that this owner can do this again to another pet soon,”

RSPCA ACT CEO Tammy Ven Dange echoed the sentiment of Inspector Croatto, “We were forced to hold Pipper for 12 months before these court matters were settled. The animal ownership ban is only for 18 months. I cannot imagine that the Canberra community will find that this sentencing makes any sense. The only good thing about this matter is that we have been able to rehome two of these dogs and the last one will finally be up for adoption very soon.”

RSPCA ACT successfully rehomed the Crumble and Sue. Pipper will be going to new home soon through RSPCA ACT adoption process.