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Pets of the Week


Buddy is looking for a Fur'ever friend
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Buddy has been at the Shelter for some time. When he first arrived he was a skinny, neglected and very sad dog. But over the last few months, we have seen him blossom into a handsome and confident boy. Buddy is ready to move on to the next chapter of his life. A loving home, comfy place to sleep and a loving family to play games and go walking with. Buddy hasn’t had the easiest life and will require a family with patience and plenty of love to give. Like most energetic dogs, Buddy will need regular exercise and play sessions to ensure that he stays happy and healthy. Buddy loves to spend his time at the Shelter walking with our volunteers or playing out in the big yards. He enjoys splashing around in the water too. This handsome white boy is open to meeting another friendly female dog that he could move in with. Buddy would love a play mate or romantic interest. Someone willing to keep up with him and spend the rest of forever with.

Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna are looking for their fur-ever home
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Meet Flora and Fauna! These two bunnies have been at the Shelter once before, and are looking again to find a perfect new home. This charming brother and sister duo have a great bond and are looking for a castle where they can live together, play together and eat together. These bunnies will love a large and spacious enclosure with plenty of room for them to exhibit their favourite hoppy behaviours, spaces to play hide and seek and indulge in delicious treats. Flora and Fauna are two very inquisitive bunnies, but can also be a little cautious. This pair will need a new home where the humans will understand it is going to take a little extra bit of love and patience for their confidence to shine. Ensuring time for the bunnies to grow comfortable will result in Flora and Fauna coming out of their shy shells. Bunnies love lots of enrichment like toys and treats to ensure their minds are kept active, and their little bodies healthy. Flora and Fauna aren't too fond or comfortable with being picked up. But with slow and soft interactions we think cuddles could be possible in the future.