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Pets of the Week

Dog of the Week – Leelu

Leelu is looking for a Fur'ever friend
Click Leelu's picture to visit her Adopt A Pet profile

Meet our gorgeous girl Leelu, a shy dog that is filled to the brim with love and affection. Leelu will greet you with kind eyes and an excited demeanour, while undoubtedly leaning in against your leg for some love.

Leelu is timid and gentle by nature, paired with a strong and intense physicality. She would need an owner that can handle her strength in order to be rewarded with her affection.

Leelu would love to be the apple of your eye, and prefers being the only pet of the household – which shouldn’t be a problem considering the amount of love she has to offer.

Cat of the Week – Cleo & Ronnie

Cleo & Ronnie is looking for their fur-ever home
Click Cleo & Ronnie's picture to visit the Adopt A Pet profile

Bonded pair Cleo and Ronnie are two very affectionate cats who would love an owner with that same quality in return. These cuddly cats share a beautiful bond, yet still have unique and individual personalities of their own.

Cleo will greet you with a cheerful meow and jump onto your lap expecting lots of love and pats. Ronnie on the other hand prefers his pats in spa form, and loves being gently brushed.

They are both beautifully gentle natured cats and wouldn’t mind a family where they can be spoiled with love – all the time. Cleo is a little on the slim side, and could be spoiled a little extra until she reaches a healthier weight.