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Pets of the Week

Dog of the Week – Clayton

Clayton is looking for a Fur'ever friend
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Clayton first came to the shelter as stray pup at three months of age. He was subsequently adopted by a family who found his puppy "happy hour" way too full-on to handle. For this reason, he was returned to the shelter.

He can play to an audience and if he has clear, consistent guidelines he has shown great self-control in a range of settings. However, being a young dog, sometimes he has a huge adrenalin rush and all that learning goes straight out the window and crazy pup blows right in.

For this reason, Clayton must go to an experienced and active owner who is confident around dogs and is able to provide loads of daily physical and mental stimulation with clear, consistent guidelines.

Clayton is super keen to be around his family members and very responsive to positive rewards-based training. When left alone Clayton can settle quite nicely if left with something to do.

If you are looking for a second dog, Clayton's best match would be an older female dog of similar size that would be able to handle his rough play and general puppy goofiness.


Cats of the Week – Tommy and Gucci

Tommy and Gucci are looking for their fur-ever home
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Meet Tommy and Gucci, the fashion icons of RSPCA ACT.

These lovely boys were surrendered to us and are now looking for their forever home together. Tommy and Gucci are all about pats and snuggles, they love to come down and greet you the moment you come into their condo.

Even though Gucci is quieter than Tommy, he is just as interested in pats and attention. He will sit atop his tower (or your lap) and relish the pats you give him, and when you are done he will happily go to sleep with his brother.

Tommy is the more outgoing of the two, he’s more adventurous and will tell you when he wants something. While Gucci is getting his pats, Tommy will explore and play and when he is done he will come and curl up right next to you and Gucci. They would suit a quieter home where they can be loved together.