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Pets of the Week


Wolf is looking for a Fur'ever friend
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Wolf is a delightfully scruffy and friendly fellow who is looking for his new home! Wolf has a lovely straw coloured coat and striking amber eyes. This long-legged boy would be most suited for someone who likes to be out walking trails. He likes to let his wolfhound instinct take over and will happily trot along beside you sniffing the path. Wolf is a fairly large boy so he’ll need a big backyard with proper fencing.

Wolf isn’t much into toys, but we have noticed he’s started taking a bit more interest in them. If the game is a bit more stimulating and interesting then a simple game of fetch, he is much more engaged. He would benefit from enrichment games where he can use his acute sniffing skills to the best of his ability! We have also noticed that in our playing yards Wolf was attracted to the paddling pools, with his athletic build Wolf would make a great swimmer and would love to be included on a family beach holiday.

Wolf gets on well with other dogs and would be open to meeting a friendly female companion. He does get a little lonely at times and suffers from some anxiety. Someone who is home more often than not (even after lockdown) would be a good match for Wolf.

Wolf would be an excellent dog for older teens who like to get active. With plenty of energy, it will be a competition to who can tire the other out first! We can’t wait to see Wolf with his new family and finally getting the life he deserves.

Georgie and Woody

Georgie and Woody are looking for their fur-ever home
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This loving couple of senior squawkers need a home! Could it be with you? Meet Georgie and Woody, two gorgeous blushing pink galahs. These two retirees sadly came to the shelter after their previous owners made the difficult choice to rehome them. Having lived as a couple for 20 years now, they'd love a home where they can stay together.

This is important for galahs as they are monogamous birds that mate for life. These two have always lived in an outdoor aviary but given time to get familiar with their new family, would probably cope with some indoor time.

At 30 years old, Georgie is the boss of the pair! This lovely lady can seem slightly cranky at first, but once she warms up you can't help but fall in love with this charismatic bird. Woody is a bit younger, at just a spritely 20 years old. He is a bit more enthusiastic upon meeting and if he thinks Georgie is getting too much attention, he'll push in and have a good chat with you! When he was younger Woody fractured his wing. It has healed but it means he can't fly very well. He'll need lots of little perches to clamber on and get about safely.