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Pets of the Week


Daisy is looking for a Fur'ever friend
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Daisy is a snuggly, playful girl who loves going for walks every day and playing games with tennis balls. She gets on well with other dogs, but gets along best with dogs that share her play style. Daisy will need secure 6ft Colourbond fencing. Daisy enjoys her food and particularly enjoys a butt scratch. Daisy would love to share your life and your couch! We recommend Daisy for a family with children 8 years and older. Please remember that all interactions between children and dogs/pups should be monitored. The adoption fee for Daisy is $395.00 which helps to cover the cost of her mandatory de-sexing, vaccinations, microchip and a lot of care from the RSPCA crew. Who says you can't buy love?! Visit our shelter at 12 Kirkpatrick Street Weston.


Ally is looking for their fur-ever home
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Hello, Ally here! I was surrendered to the shelter to find a new home due to my family having too many animals to look after! In my previous home, I lived a mostly outdoor lifestyle. I am looking for a home that will allow me to come and go as I please (preferably in a secure cat run), that will allow me to express my independence, but would still appreciate my affection when I choose to give it. As much as I enjoy pats and a cuddle, I would prefer to come to you than have you come to me. I become antsy when handled too much, and am most happy when I am able to choose the interactions I have. I LOVE to play, oh its my favourite thing! I would love to have plenty of toys and enrichment in my new home. Unfortunately I loathe the presence of other animals so, much to my excitement, I require a home where I can be the only fluffy princess for the rest of my days! If I sound like the perfect companion for you and you would like to meet me, I can usually be found being fabulous or sleeping on my 'throne', judging all the people who choose to walk past me. Visit our shelter at 12 Kirkpatrick Street Weston.