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Pets of the Week

Dog of the Week – Loca

Loca is looking for their fur-ever home
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Lovely Loca has recently had her second litter of puppies and is more than ready to settle and be on the receiving end of attention and affection. She was an excellent mum who nurtured all 10 of her babies off to a great start. As she is only 2 years old and already on her second litter, she has spent much of her youth raising puppies rather than being given the chance to become a part of her own family.

She is now looking for a loving home where she can be taken good care of and have a well-deserved break. Loca's previous home was limited to a backyard and was lacking the family dynamic, so she would absolutely love to have a caring family to bond with.

Loca is a very gentle and loving young girl, who will happily give you all the affection in the world. She is best described as a 'super-glue' dog and would be loyally glued to your side, wanting to be with you.

Loca had received no training upon her arrival at the shelter but has progressed immensely since. She has made friends with multiple of the dog walking volunteers and loves her walks now, always sure to return to plenty of cuddles and love from her favourite (staff) friends.


Cat of the Week – Ciri

Ciri is looking for their fur-ever home
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Sweet Ciri arrived at the shelter as a terrified little stray, and after some much-needed TLC from staff and volunteers she has decided she is now ready to find her new family.

Born with malformed hindlegs and being very small for her age, she doesn't let her disability keep her from enjoying life. Ciri is a playful snuggle bug and gives the sweetest little headbutts when she wants attention.

She can be a tad shy at times and likes to have a nice and cosy place to retreat to when she needs her occasional 'me-time'. Despite her disability, she makes the most of all nine lives in her everyday routine, which includes all things regular cats like to do; climbing, playing and zoomies are all on the table.

She is now looking for forever home where she can live her best life for as long as her disability allows. Her hindleg malformation means that Ciri will be prone to arthritis as she ages, and will need committed and caring owners who can monitor her comfort and quality of life.

Ciri is a very special girl looking for a special home. If you think that she could be your paw-fect match, please come down to the shelter and say hi today!