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Puppy Basics Course

Available to all puppies between 8 and 16 weeks old (at time of Orientation) who have had a C3 or C5 vaccination. The puppy basics course caters for puppies who are at a stage that is considered critical for their learning and development. The experiences that they are exposed to at this stage, ultimately shape and influence their behaviour for the rest of their life. Puppies will be gradually exposed to different stimuli that is unfamiliar to them such as other dogs, people, noises and places in a controlled and positive way.

In this course, your puppy will learn basic behaviours like sit, stay, drop, responding to their name and the foundations of recall. As their handler, you will also have the opportunity to learn about topics of interest and relevance to puppyhood.

Course Investment: $199 (10% discount for RSPCA ACT adopted dogs and puppies). This investment also includes a client pack with a clicker, treat pouch and training guide.

Length: 1 hour for 6 consecutive weeks 

Course Pre-requisites:

  • C3 or C5 vaccination

Course Structure:

WEEK 1: Orientation at Shelter – Dog free session
(1 hour)
The following information applies:

  • Orientations are compulsory to attend
  • No dogs to attend orientation
  • Strict limit of ONE person per booking at this session

WEEKS 2-6: Shelter group sessions with dogs in attendance
(5 hours total)

Course requirements:

  • A soft, flat collar or harness
  • A lead attached at all times


  • The online Orientation date is the same as the booking date
  • RSPCA ACT adopted puppies receive a 10% discount off, please call 6287 8100 to receive your discount
  • Guest information for your dog must be completed at time of booking
  • Check spam/junk emails as RSPCA correspondence may be sent there
  • This is force-free, reward-based training. No aversive training techniques will be used or tolerated.
  • In the interest of animal welfare and effective class management, there is a strict limit of two people per booking.

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